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novitio ApS was founded early 2020 by 2 former colleagues sharing the same ambition and vision - to drive business based on data from a community. Simply work smarter. The company may be young, but the ideology and vision has been on its way for about 10 years. With a combined 26 years of experience in sales, purchasing and logistics - The novitio team has a lot of knowledge of the complex business of selling and buying. Our experience covers more or less all segments of IT. Segments such as EOL brokerage, services and selling enterprise hybrid data center solutions.

Buying, selling and coordinating supplies through many years has enabled us to discuss pains and gains with all involved parties throughout the supply chain. The experience and knowledge accumulated throughout the years have motivated us to do things smarter. Our vision and ideology is a perfect match in regards to the global agenda, focussing on our enviroment and how to take better care. We have for many years worked towards doing things smarter and more efficient. Also with a big focus on pushing it towards a more sustainable and green approach such as reducing the amount of Co2 production by buying smarter and involving less transport. novitio are build on a strong believe that things can be done smarter and better as long as everybody sees opportunities instead of barriers. Our understanding towards all aspects of life and business is to do things smarter, not harder.

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Anders Aaen Thordal

Commercial Director and Partner

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Anders Bech Jensen

Creative Director and Partner

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