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Bechtle Remarketing have teamed up with Novitio

Bechtle Remarketing are part of the Bechtle Group.

With more than 85 system houses and IT e-commerce in 14 countries, Bechtle is one of Europe’s leading IT providers and never more than a stone’s throw away. Founded in 1983, the Bechtle Group is headquartered in the southern German town of Neckarsulm and currently employs some 14,000 people. Over 70,000 customers from the industrial, trade, financial and public sectors rely on Bechtle to drive their digital transformation with a cross-vendor portfolio that spans the whole world of IT infrastructure and operations. Part of the services around the Enterprise Hardware sales are the ITAD services of Bechtle Remarketing which are a very important part of the sustainability strategy within the Bechtle group.

Bechtle Remarketing offers ITAD decommissioning services such as Secure logistics, on-site/off-site audit, registration incl. grading, Datawiping or destruction according to the latest and greatest standards. And finally able to handle the resale of the equipment incl. cashback agreements with their customers. Ensuring a second life of IT hardware and consumer electronics has a positive CO2 impact on the environment and Bechtle Remarketing makes a significant contribution to the Circular Economy.

Now, to ensure customer satisfaction, ensure fair competition and to reap the benefits of 2023 digitalization, Bechtle remarketing have decided to work together with Novitio. Novitio are an automation tool for selling assets digitally through a SaaS platform. This co-operationship enables the Bechtle remarketing asset sales team to be more efficient, more productive and ensures scalability.

Alexander Thiele, Managing Director of Bechtle Remarketing; “ Bechtle remarketing wants to support our customers with all their sustainability initiatives and reusing decommissioned hardware are the number 1 action to get started. We see a big potential for our customers and need to be able to scale the business. Teaming up with Novitio, saves us time and resources and enables us to scale our business and support our customers”.

Anders Thordal Hansen, CSO Novitio; “ Bechtle Group and Bechtle remarketing are one of the largest resellers and ITAD organisations. They have a very big potential and to unleash that potential they need to ensure efficient processes. That is where we can help Bechtle remarketing and are a perfect match for a company like them with an ambition to automize and digitalise.


If you are in the business of buying used IT hardware and consumer electronics such as, Datacenter equipment, Devices, Retail products, Modern Workplace equipment, Medico and other equipment and would like to buy from Bechtle remarketing – feel free to reach out to Bechtle Remarketing or Novitio to get onboarded. It is free to join and submit your prices on the equipment lists.


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