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Reuse is the new black: Sustainable consumption



Do you actually know how much you can help when it comes to reusing and recycling? No? Well a lot of earth’s natural resources are being used in the name of materialism. And a lot of the goods are never used again once the owner is done with them. Luckily, there’s a way to break the sad cycle: Reusing and recycling material goods.

In 2015, the United Nations introduced us all to their sustainable development goals they wanted the world to incorporate in all aspects. For businesses across the globe, this meant restructuring entire business strategies, supply chains and so much more. One of the sustainable development goals concerns sustainable consumption, more specifically the 12th goal: Responsible consumption and production. One of the key targets of this goal was to substantially reduce waste generated by the worlds’ population through - amongst other things - recycling and reuse: The very premise of the novitio platform.

Recycling and reuse are two of the pillars in the ecosystem that constitute the novitio platform. The very premise of novitio is to reuse and recycle formerly owned IT and ‘upcycle’ the goods so they can be reused. Why? Because at novitio we do not believe IT only has one life: It can have numerous lives and benefits an array of people across the globe.

This 12th sustainable development goal also encourages businesses to incorporate sustainable practices to their business strategies. At novitio, we believe these sustainable practices can be adopted through our platform. How? Well, whenever someone books a demonstration of our platform or signs up to become part of our community, they’re one step closer to gaining access to our sustainable supply chain of used and recycled IT goods.

But how is recycled IT a sustainable option? Well, year after year, the IT industry produces enormous amounts of greenhouse gas, meaning it is one of the biggest sinners when it comes to polluting the environment. We’ve talked a lot about environmental issues and how we want to be part of the solution of greenhouse has emissions here. However, to sum up what we’ve previously written, by recycling instead of buying new IT every time you need it, you’re not guilty of polluting the environment even more: The recycled goods have already been produced, but when you buy new IT, you’re supporting the production of more material goods. Therefore, by choosing to recycle and reuse formerly owned IT, you’re helping to pollute less. That way, you’re getting what you need in terms of new IT for your business but without having to add to the pollution.

How are you trying to reuse and recycle where you work? Let us know. We always want to learn more about how others implement the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

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