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Recycling: The future in climate change



How do you feel about recycling? Is it annoying, unnecessary or somewhat disgusting? What if we tell you, you might be able to help diminish greenhouse gas emissions? All of a sudden, it sounds even more appealing. Here, we take a look at how novitio implements recycling and the reuse of old IT to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Make the world a better place. At least that’s what the United Nations’ sustainable development goals seek to achieve. And we want to help. Ever since we established novitio, we have wanted to focus on different aspects of the United Nations’ goals. Besides anti corruption, which we've talked about here, one of them is the 13th goal that focuses on the environmental impact businesses have on the world, and how businesses should take action when it comes to the climate.

At novitio, we believe businesses need to take action in order for there to be real change in the emission of greenhouse gas. Even though greenhouse gas emissions dropped somewhat significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the change was only temporary. Across the globe, people saw the result of less emission including significantly improved air quality and less polluted water in cities across the globe. We should want to keep it that way. However, that’s almost impossible unless businesses take action and implement sustainable strategies.

The novitio platform integrates climate change measures in its business strategy by making it possible to sell recycled IT to local areas, ensuring not only the recycling of goods, but also minimising the need for the goods being transported, resulting in less greenhouse emission. Whenever businesses buy new IT at a store, there is tonnesof greenhouse emission related to the production of the IT. Here, the goods have been transported across the globe to land in the particular spot you frequently visit to buy your IT-supplies. Thus, by buying recycled IT locally, businesses choose a more sustainable solution as no excess greenhouse emission occurs.

How does your business try to implement the United Nations’ 16th sustainable development goal? Any actions taken since the introduction of them in 2015? Let us know - we’re always looking to better our own strategies.

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