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Leading the way: Anti-corruption



No one thinks twice about doing friends and family a favour. However - even though it might not seem like it - when it comes to acting on this in business aspects, it is corruption: Using benefits or power for personal gain. But how does this relate to novitio’s platform? Well through transparency and an anonymous supply chain, we try to accomodate the United Nations’ 16th goal of Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

In 2015, the United Nations made their sustainable development goals known to the rest of the world and made every single business rethink their way of doing business. At novitio, we’re no different.

When we created novitio, we wanted our platform to be innovative, smart, efficient and to make a difference for the communities within which we operate. We wanted to take the sustainable development goals into account in our business strategy, and found that one of our key goals aligned with the United Nations’ 16th goal: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

The 16th sustainable development goals focuses on an array of different actions businesses can take to ensure peace, justice and strong institutions. One of these actions is the act against corruption - more specifically the goal’s fifth paragraph: Substantially reduce corruption and bribery in all their forms.

At novitio, we support the United Nations’ action by ensuring that each and everyone of the clients within our community remain anonymous. This also ensures that none of our clients can do their friends or family a favour by favoring them. Within our community, everyone is treated equally and fair as no one is favored above anyone else. In the end, this leads to significantly more transparency in our supply chain.

In the IT industry, we know that you may have the best price and conditions and yet still see the deal go to others due to 'special relations'.

The novitio platform makes it that much easier and more transparent as all sellers and buyers use the same anonymous platform. On the novitio platform, the bids are also anonymous ensuring that you cannot favour one over the other. In our minds, this makes for a more impartial and transparent supply chain, ensuring that everyone has the same conditions when it comes to buying and selling used IT.

Protecting your employees. With novitio, the decision maker are protected from ant accusations of favoring a single buyer or seller due to the anonymous business platform policy.

The actions we take to minimise corruption and bribery in all their forms might not help the United Nations reach their goals in its entirety, but it’s a step in the right direction. However, we do believe it is our responsibility to comply with the United Nations’ goals the best way possible so other businesses might follow suit.

Do you have any recommendations or thoughts you want to share with us? Or maybe you’ve already made some actions of your own to reach the UN’s goals? Let us know.

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