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System Integrator, Colo, Hosting

Sell your customers equipment

System Integrators and Co-Location uses the Novitio platform for selling out their customers old equipment when they are replacing with new. The Eco system then helps to keep the equipment in use. System integrators will also have access to the buying tool on Novitio, to get parts quicker and locally. 

Wins (Buying)

  • You buy directly from the community
  • More suppliers
  • Instant pricing
  • Direct access to multiple partners stock and prices at all times
  • Configurations also possible
  • No mail, calls
  • No more waiting for prices

Wins (Selling)

  • Instant offers
  • No need for finding buyers.
  • Multiple offers
  • No mail, calls
  • You sell your customers equipment directly to the community - GDPR secure
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IT Maintenance


System Integrator

System Integrator, Colo, Hosting

IT Leasing

IT-Leasing, OEM

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