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Use the communities stock 

IT-Maintenance companies uses the stock of the entire Novitio Eco system, to be able to provide service on the worlds datacenter. The Re-use from the Eco system helps the Maintenance company to provide an eminent support to their end users, the eco system ensures access to multiple different global vendors stock directly online. 

Wins (Buying)

  • Instant prices
  • Knowledge of where the suppliers parts physically is at all times
  • Less handling
  • Less logistics
  • Less stock
  • Less people
  • No mails, calls
  • Less resources needed
  • Anti-corruption via anonymous part search results (5.1. UN Sustainable Development Goals)

Wins (Selling)

  • You can sell directly to the community
  • Auction away excess stock and expired contract items.
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IT Maintenance


System Integrator

System Integrator, Colo, Hosting

IT Leasing

IT-Leasing, OEM

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