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Our Novitio community consist of many different companies and users. it is put together to generate a closed circle for reuse of IT hardware. From the OEM that produces and develop the hardware to the ITAD companies that takes it out from the end user again and resells it to Hardware brokers that refurbish it and resells it to maintenance and system integrators who uses it with other end users. This Eco system keeps the IT hardware running for many years longer than the normal circle giving the eco-system a huge sustainability opportunity. 

We see a great potential in keeping the equipment running for longer than the expected 3-4 years and through our different partners the hardware is given new life over and over again. Our partners idea is not the recycle the equipment, but in most cases to Reuse the equipment. 


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IT Maintenance


System Integrator

System Integrator, Colo, Hosting

IT Leasing

IT-Leasing, OEM

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